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Shopping Process

How to register?

1. Click on "Register" in the upper left corner of the page to enter the registration page.
2. Fill in the email account, password and other information to register.
3. Select "Read and Agreed 《User Agreement》" to complete the registration.
4. For the forgotten password, we also provide the function to retrieve the password. Please enter the email address when you registered the password on the forgot password page. The system will send a link to retrieve the password to your registered email address.

How to submit an order?

1. Browse the items to be purchased, click “Add to Cart” and the item will be automatically added to the shopping cart.
2. If you need to change the quantity of the item, you need to enter the quantity of the item in the item quantity box.
3. Once you have selected all the items, click on the "Shopping Cart" in the top right corner of the page.
4. Check your list of items, then click on "Immediate settlement".
5. Please fill in the order information. Fill in the details, consignee information, delivery method, payment method and other information. If you have any remarks, please leave a message in the “Order note” below, and the message must not exceed 250 words.

Shipping Address Information

Pls confirm that your address, email address, etc. are accurate.

Shipping Method

1. If you have cooperated shipping company, you can choose "Freight collect", and fill in the message with your shipping account.
2. If you don't have cooperated shipping company, you can choose "Freight prepaid", and fill in the message with the shipping company of your choice. We will modify the correct shipping cost for you in the order.

Payment Method

You can choose PayPal or Bank Transfer, both of which require a corresponding handling fee.
a. The handling fee of PayPal is "Total amount *4.4%+0.3".
b. The handling fee of Bank Transfer fee is generally $35.

After confirming the correctness, click "Submit Order" to generate a new order and display the order number.

We will review and pass your order after we receive your order.
You can go to "User Center → My order" to view the order details.

You can download the PO to confirm your order. Complete the payment and upload your TT copy.
Once we have confirmed receipt of the payment, we will arrange the delivery for you.

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