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Silicon Wafers Are Brewing Up, 8 Inches Is Better Than 12 Inches

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As high-order MOSFETs, IGBTs, and high-order discrete components are actively moving from 6 inches to 8 inches wafers, TSMC (2330) says it will cover 8 new plants, and the world's advanced (5347) is also looking for mergers and acquisitions. Further expansion of 8 吋 wafer output, 8 吋 heavy doped semiconductor 矽 wafers continue to brew growth, it is estimated that the first half of next year's growth is expected to reach double-digit levels.

8吋 Semiconductor 矽 wafer maker Hejing (6182) pointed out that the order of 8吋 is still fully loaded, but the demand for 6吋 has signs of weakening and the rate of utilization is loose. It is reported that the 8-inch re-incorporated semiconductor wafer will continue its upward trend in the first half of next year, and the growth rate is expected to reach more than 10%. In the first half of next year, the overall 8-inch wafer growth rate will fall near the high single digit.

The increase is expected to reach more than 10%

He Jing said that due to limited production capacity, the company has signed a contract once every six months. In the first half of next year, it will continue to increase its price. It will focus on 8-inch semiconductor wafers, including power management chips, automotive electronics, and high-level separation. High-power components such as MOSFETs (MOSFETs) and IGBTs (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistors).

Hejing Shanghai Songjiang Plant shut down production at the end of November due to coordination with local municipal planning. Due to the capacity of other plants, it has recently been actively looking for new sites in the vicinity, planning to purchase old plants and moving existing production equipment into it. The new equipment, the same as the production of 4, 5 吋 semiconductor 矽 wafers as the main product.

Taishengke (3532) pointed out that in the first quarter of next year, orders and utilization rates will remain fully loaded, and prices will continue to rise. The order status of the second quarter will not be clear until the Lunar New Year, with the current market sentiment. In view, the demand for 8吋 will be better than 12吋.

Separate component manufacturers revealed that the supply of epitaxial wafers has not been as tight as before, but as for the supply of polished enamel wafers, the supply situation has not shown any signs of loosening, but recently it has begun to enter the tradition. In the off-season, the previous MOSFET market has been overheated, and "overbooking" is obvious. Whether it will fall into inventory doubts in the first quarter of next year is worthy of attention.

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