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New Coronavirus Pneumonia Prevention And Control Instrument - Infrared Thermometer

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The most direct manifestations of new coronavirus pneumonia are fever, fatigue, and dry cough. Therefore, body temperature testing has become an important means of screening for new coronavirus infection. In order to effectively prevent and control pneumonia. At present, body temperature measurement has been started in hospitals, subways, communities and other places. Since infrared temperature measurement is based on the principle of heat radiation, it is a non-contact temperature measurement. It not only has fast measurement speed and high accuracy, but also can effectively avoid cross infection. Therefore, infrared thermometers have become important epidemic prevention and control products.

Due to the sudden increase in demand in a short period of time, not only the supply of infrared thermometers on the market is in short supply, but the electronic components for manufacturing infrared thermometers are also very scarce.

From the perspective of the composition of the infrared thermometer, it mainly includes: infrared temperature sensors, MCUs, memories, LDO devices, power management protectors, diodes, and op amps. Among them, the infrared temperature sensor is the core electronic component. The following is to share with you about Which electronic components are commonly used in infrared temperature detection probes.


Figure 1: Infrared detection probe

Disassemble it next, through the two small grooves on the back cover, use a small flat-blade screwdriver to press firmly on it, and then turn counterclockwise to open the back cover.


Figure 2: Front side of the main board of the infrared detection probe

It can be seen that there are LDO devices, power management protection devices, diodes, 4-20mA current op amps, etc .; the 8-pin IC is XTR 115UK, which is a 4-20mA current op amp IC. The above LDO device is from ON Semiconductor.

On the back of the upper panel is an MSP430 16-bit processor and a SMD crystal, and two rows of single-row sockets;


Figure 3: The back of the main board inside the infrared detection probe

As can be seen from Figure 3, there are 3 wires communicating with the inside of the shell, GND, PWR-, PWR +, which are used as the shield ground, power, and 4-20mA signals.

The one-chip computer is M430F4250, and the data sheet of this product can't be found. It is a 16-bit MCU.

The temperature sensor board below is mainly two rows of pins, an infrared temperature sensor, and a power management IC.


Infrared temperature sensor, 4 pins.


This article disassembles an industrial infrared temperature probe. It can be seen that the workmanship from the housing to the interior is very fine and has a certain level; the structure is very clever, making the overall volume of the probe small; the infrared temperature sensor used is also More accurate products will make the temperature measurement accuracy higher.

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