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Welcome To Meet With Our New Faces In Electronica!

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During the Electronica, we met so many new friends. KLIMES is one of them and they left us a deep impression. Similar to us is that KLIMES as an independent family business since 1993, they are mainly distributed in semiconductor and connectors. In our business model of CGOC Electronics, connector as one of the main product line plays an important role in industrial electronics. Importantly, CGOC Electronics support advantage brands like Foxconn and JST. “We are made of hard work, not glorious moments” impressed us and we greatly appreciate new opportunities to cooperative with KLIMES.

Fast Components Europe is our neighbour during four days exhibition. They are a privately European based company, specialized in on time delivering and offering the best lead time available of electronic components. Having worldwide presence, they are experts in serving military, aeronautics, automotive, medical, telecom and others since 2003. During the chatting process, I felt sincere. In today’s society, it is difficult to be sincere. In the operation of the company, people have more doubts about the truth. Luckily I see this rare quality from them and we believe since our commonality we can develop more relationships in 2019. Based on we have already cooperated with them on small projects before, and we hope to develop a more stable strategic cooperative relationship in the future.

Hi-Tech Corp. is a leading manufacturer of electronic Printed Circuit Boards specialized in quick-turn manufacturing of prototypes and small to mid volume series of rigid, flex, and rigid-flex multilayer boards. Hi-Tech Corp. is our new friend and they come from Macedonia, which is a beautiful place. They are committed to delivering highest quality products to customers in the automotive, communications network, consumer and industrial electronics, power and medical sectors. It was a pleasure to have a conversation with their purchasing specialist. During the introduction of CGOC Electronics and our advantages compared with other companies. The reasons that apart from other competitors firstly are we put quality in the first place and secondly we have all categories of optocoupler products in stock. Last but not least, our professional technical support especially on Toshiba’s products is well-known.

For CGOC Electronics, the greatest reward for our daily teamwork is each year having several new customers turn to us on the basis of recommendations.

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