The new Hanover Fair USA trade show will focus on innovation in smart factories

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The New Hanover Fair Usa Trade Show Will Focus On Innovation In Smart Factories

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As a complement to the Chino season in the US, Hannover USA, the new event will debut at the newly renovated Kentucky International Convention Center in Louisville, Kentucky from September 10th to 12th.


DIG / IN USA aims to showcase the cutting edge of future factory innovations and will showcase the world's top industrial technology and automation companies, providing solutions, knowledge and expertise for a wide range of IIoT adoptions inside and outside the plant.


The new show will focus on improving the thought leadership from factory employees to C-Suite, with a focus on small, large companies that promote automotive, aerospace and defense, machinery and equipment, energy/oil and gas, food and beverages, according to HFUSA officials Said, packaging and assembly, scientific laboratory equipment and logistics industry.


“DIG / IN USA focuses on IIoT, automation and control technology and is the perfect follow-up to HANNOVER MESSE USA 2018, which is a huge success for industry exhibitors and attendees,” Chief Executive Officer of Hannover Fair Official Larry Turner said. Hannover's US subsidiary, Germany's Deutsche Messe, is known as one of the world's largest and most active organizers of industrial technology events.


He added: “DIG / IN USA will be an IIoT event that is as innovative and forward-looking as the industry it supports.”


Exhibitors will demonstrate how digital implementations can be implemented through smart factory case studies and real-time IIoT solutions such as productivity, data analysis and cloud, AI and smart machines, security, robotics/cobots and additive manufacturing.


Similar to the HANNOVER MESSE 2018 in Germany and the digital factory in Hannover Messe, DIG / IN USA will present hands-on demonstrations, seminars and educational courses throughout the show.


According to trade show officials, the direction of DIG / IN USA is driven by a display committee composed of industry experts from ARC Advisory Group, Beckhoff, Forcam, Hiwin, Microsoft, Nikola Industrial & Manufacturing Solutions and SAP.


“Creating a trade show and educational conference focused on meeting the growing needs of IIoT and Industry 4.0 is critical,” said Nikola Global Vice President Brian Pitzer. “In the next 10 years, this area will continue to grow at an alarming rate because it is easily the biggest challenge facing today's manufacturing and industrial environments.”


At DIG / IN USA, attendees will have the opportunity to see and experience key IIoT solutions to better understand how they are interconnected in the factory and to leverage the educational discussions and experiences employed at all levels of IIoT to enable attendees Ability to develop long-term business relationships and address their most pressing needs.


Shawn Lawrence, Product Marketing Manager at HIWIN, USA, said: "DIG / IN USA offers attendees the opportunity to identify products and establish the necessary connections to achieve their automation goals."


He continued, "As the automation of small and medium-sized enterprises increases, they may not have the engineering or IT resources to determine the right components to produce a complete solution. The 'one-stop service' with educational products will be very Opportunity of value"

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