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Mediatek First Demonstrated The 5g Prototype And Expected Mass Production In 2020

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According to the Taiwan Economic Daily report, MediaTek first demonstrated the 5G prototype to the world yesterday, and used this big show to develop muscles. The market expects that MediaTek will produce chips as soon as possible by the end of 2019, and mass production of 5G chips in 2020 to welcome 5G business.

Xie Qingjiang, vice chairman of MediaTek, said that 5G will not only increase the speed of mobile Internet access by 10 times, but also have a breakthrough impact on technologies such as cloud computing, car networking and smart internet. MediaTek is one of the world's leading 5G technology vendors and one of the major contributors to the global 5G standards development, demonstrating MediaTek's strong R&D and technical capabilities.

Xie Qingjiang emphasized that in addition to 5G, artificial intelligence is an indispensable key technology in the future. MediaTek provides a new AI development platform, combined with MediaTek inside products of more than 1.5 billion MediaTek chips per year, to implement terminal artificial intelligence (Edge AI). Bring a groundbreaking consumer experience.

It is reported that MediaTek has joined a number of international-level 5G projects. In February this year, the World Mobile Communications Conference and international leaders signed a memorandum of cooperation on the "5G Terminal Pioneer Project" to achieve global 5G in 2020 through MediaTek's product and R&D capabilities. The common goal of business transfer. In addition, MediaTek has invested in 5G research and development for five years, and is committed to turning complex 5G technology into a fingertip chip. The 5G prototype was exhibited in this exhibition, presenting its phased results for the launch of the first generation of chips.

The chairman of MediaTek, Cai Mingjie, pointed out that the current progress of MediaTek's R&D in 5G is faster and better than that of 4G in the past. In the past, it has compiled NT$200 billion in research and development expenses for the past seven years. It seems that 5G and AI needs are not enough, and 5G benefits are expected. Real fermentation in 2020 and 2021.

MediaTek invested 5G in R&D for 5 years. At this year's Taipei International Computer Show, MediaTek announced that it will push the 5G modem chip M70 next year. When the last law conference was held, CEO Li Lixing also revealed that 5G will be pushed from the end of next year to the beginning of next year. The SOC integrates a single chip and continues to speed up the pace.

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