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Avnet Teamed Up With Samtec To Open Up The Asian Market

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The world's leading technology solutions provider Avnet (NASDAQ: AVT) and world-renowned private electronic connector manufacturer Samtec announced today that the two parties will strengthen existing partnerships to further expand the scope of distribution cooperation. Now, Avnet customers in Asia Pacific and Japan can also purchase Samtec's complete product portfolio. Previously, Avnet had a distribution partnership with Samtec in the Americas, Europe and parts of the Asia Pacific region. The signing of this global authorized distribution agreement highlights the importance of Avnet's support to design and develop new technology products for customers around the world.

Vince Arena, Director of Global Supplier Management at Avnet, said: “In today's world, customers can design and develop products anywhere in the world. In order to help them move their ideas from design to prototype creation to production, Avnet provides a wealth of customers around the world. The capabilities of our electronic components are critical. Our partnership with Samtec has grown steadily over the past 30 years, and Samtec recognizes the importance of Avnet's end-to-end product development ecosystem and its benefits to customers. This globally licensed distribution agreement will further provide customers in Asia and around the world with the interconnection solutions they need to transform their ideas into market-oriented products."

Samtec is a service leader in the electronic interconnect industry, with a people-oriented philosophy dedicated to providing exceptional service, quality products, innovative technology and convenient design tools. From standard cataloging products to unique high-performance designs, Samtec's solutions are designed to support customers' diverse interconnect needs, regardless of application, performance requirements or environment.

Scott Lamb, Director of Global Distribution at Samtec, said: “Samtec and Avnet have the experience to address the unique challenges customers face in terms of connectivity. We are expanding our partnerships in Asia while combining outstanding technology and supply chain solutions. The advantage is to help customers shorten the development time from prototype creation to production."

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