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Renesas Electronics' Two New All-digital Dc/dc Controllers(isl68300 And Isl68301)

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On July 18, 2018, Renesas Electronics Co., Ltd. (RENESAS), the world's leading supplier of semiconductor solutions, today announced the availability of two PMBusTM-compliant all-digital DC/DC controllers that provide up to eight-phase, over 240A power supplies. performance. Single output point-of-load (POL) conversion is available for FPGA, DSP, ASIC, network processor and general purpose system power. The ISL68300 DC/DC controller with integrated MOSFET driver and ISL68301 DC/DC controller with built-in PWM output simplify power supply design for data centers, wired/wireless communications, and factory automation equipment. The ISL68300 can directly drive an external MOSFET, while the ISL68301 can be used with Renesas Electronics' intelligent power stage or DrMOS power stage to create a complete voltage regulator solution.


The ISL68300 and ISL68301 digital controllers feature a high-speed current-sharing bus that can be connected in parallel with eight controllers in a current-sharing configuration of 8-phase 240A+. Both controllers use Renesas Electronics' digital ChargeModeTM control modulation to respond to load transients in a single switching cycle and provide an inherently stable control loop without external compensation. This modulation architecture significantly reduces the output capacitance requirements and minimizes output voltage undershoot and overshoot.


Mark Downing, vice president of Renesas Electronics' core power solutions division, said: "The ISL68300 and ISL68301 single-output digital controllers are scalable, delivering industry-leading performance and supporting a wide range of load currents. The new digital controllers work with us. The award-winning digital dual-output multiphase controller delivers the comprehensive solution needed to power customers' next-generation systems."


The PowerNavigatorTM GUI works with the ISL68300 and ISL68301 to help engineers simplify power installation, sequencing, configuration, and monitoring, including all device parameters and telemetry. Complete schematic design in just a few minutes, and a GUI with PMBus allows engineers to easily control the entire design and change functionality without the need to solder components or rework.


Key features of the ISL68300 and ISL68301 digital controllers


• Parallel up to eight controllers in a single no-drop-averaged output

•Output voltage range: 0.45V to 5.5V

•Input voltage range: 4.75V to 16V or 4.5V to 5.5V

•Output voltage accuracy of 0.5% in line, load and temperature range

•Switching frequency range from 200kHz to 1.0MHz

•Unique single-line Digital-DCTM (DDC) serial bus for use with other Renesas electronic digital power ICs for voltage sequencing and fault transmission

•Cycle-by-cycle inductance peak current protection

•Configurable fault protection for output voltage undervoltage (UV), overvoltage (OV), input voltage UV/OV, and temperature

•Non-volatile memory records operating parameters and records telemetry fault events


In a typical FPGA power system, the ISL68300 and ISL68301 digital controllers provide 10A to 40A+ single outputs for auxiliary power rails, DDR memory, and system power rails. The matching Renesas electronic digital multiphase controller provides 15A to 70A dual phase output or higher core power through intelligent power stage.


ISL68300 and ISL68301 are available


The integrated driver ISL68300 is optimized for use with external MOSFETs in a 4mm x 4mm, 24-pin QFN package.

The ISL68301 with built-in PWM output can be used with the ISL99227B Smart Power Stage or DrMOS Power Stage in a 4mm x 4mm, 24-pin QFN package.

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