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St Introduces Electrically Isolated High-side Intelligent Power Switch - Iso8200aq

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STMicroelectronics' ISO8200AQ eight-channel galvanically isolated high-side smart power switch enhances error diagnostics and system management. The integrated 20 MHz SPI interface outputs an error status signal when the single channel junction temperature is too high, and supports efficient multi-switch daisy-chaining Connection method. The power good output pin can indicate the power state of the power processing stage.

ST Introduces Electrically Isolated High-Side Intelligent Power Switch - ISO8200AQ | CGOCMALL

The device expands ST's family of electrically isolated high-side switch products for safety and robustness, for demanding industrial equipment such as PLC, PC or peripherals, as well as traditional factory automation or industrial 4.0 intelligence. CNC machine tools in the factory.

The 2500Vrms internal electrically isolated channel ensures excellent electrical safety of the switch, saving the final application space and allowing for general electrical isolation. The ISO8200AQ's SPI port supports daisy-chain connections, allowing users to efficiently control multiple switches from a single host.

The power good output pin reports to the control system when the power rail is below the preset minimum safe threshold voltage, and cooperates with the fault output pin to report a communication error or a too high junction temperature to the system.

The ISO8200AQ has eight output channels, each with an on-resistance of 0.12 Ω (typ) and a maximum current rating of 0.7A, which can manage a variety of resistive, inductive or capacitive loads to minimize power loss or heat dissipation. Level.

Internal protection further enhances the safety of the ISO8200AQ, including short circuit protection, channel overheat protection, case overheat protection, and ground or power disconnect protection. Other protection features include undervoltage shutdown with automatic restart and delay, Vcc clamp overvoltage protection, and output voltage control to prevent damage due to inductive load shutdown. In addition, ISO8200AQ also meets the requirements of the programmable controller's functional and electrical characteristics in accordance with IEC 61131-2 international standards.

An extensive support tool ecosystem helps users discover the best performance of the ISO8200AQ. Development tools include the X-NUCLEO-OUT02A1 demo board and the STSW-IFAPGUI graphical user interface, which allows the user to easily evaluate and fine-tune the features of the ISO8200AQ, while the latter facilitates device behavior visualization. The X-NUCLEO-OUT02A1 utilizes an internal isolation channel between the logic and power stages to increase safety and adds polarity reversal protection and compliance with IEC61000-4-2, IEC61000-4-4 and IEC61000-4-5 International standard EMC precautions to meet industrial safety standards.

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