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CPAP Application Solutions From NXP And Renesas

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NXP Semiconductors 

Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) Machine

CPAP machines maintain constant airflow by continuously monitoring system pressure in conjunction with ventilator motor control speed regulation.

NXP Semiconductors - CPAP.png

* The green box is the part that NXP can provide. 

Parts that can be used with this CPAP ( From NXP ). Please click the URL to get the more detailed part numbers.

Part Number
PMIC or Voltage RegulatorMMPF0100MC34709
3-Phase Gate Pre-DriverGD3000MC34937
Pressure SensorMPXHZ6130AMPXx6115

Renesas Electronics 

CPAP Flow Sensor

The Synergy S7 microcontroller and FS2012 flow sensor, together, control the speed of motors for better flow accuracy, provide closed-loop feedback with the air flow sensor to determine motor failure, and have a built-in LCD controller for expanded system features. This combination is ideal for CPAP and high speed fluid flow control systems. Power and timing devices are available to complete the solution.

MEMS solid-state gas flow sensor

High speed acceleration and deceleration

LCD driver

Up to 640KB SRAM

Cloud connectivity via GPRS/3G

MicrocontrollerSynergy S7 Series
Flow SensorFS2012

CPAP Flow Sensor - Renesas.jpg

CPAP Application Solutions for Several Major Brands

(A) Maxim Integrated              (B) Texas Instruments          (C) STMicroelectronics

(D) NXP Semiconductors        (E) Renesas Electronics         (F) Microchip Technology

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